Case Management

First Steps Pediatric Therapy Specialist - Occupational Therapy

Case management is a process of assessment, planning, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and families comprehensive health needs. Responsibilities include needs assessment and reassessment, development of the service plan, identifying appropriate community resources, monitoring the appropriateness and quality of services, providing crisis intervention and advocacy, safeguarding individual rights, and keeping records.

Who is a case manager?

A Case Manager at First Steps Pediatric Therapy Specialists is a Social Worker licensed by the state of Texas has a Bachelor or Master Degree in Social Work, and a minimum of 2 years experience assisting children and assessing the psychosocial and health needs of clients and their families and making community referrals.

Who can get a case manager?

  • Families with children (birth thru age 20) that:
  • Need referrals to community resources

  • Have family problems

  • Have questions or concerns about their child’s well-being

What do case managers do?

  • A case manager will visit with you and then:
  • Find out what services your family needs
  • Help families find services in their community

  • Teach you how to find and get other services
  • Make sure you recieve services needed

Case managers can help you:

  • Get medical and dental services
  • Can help with Family problems
  • Get medical supplies or equipment
  • Work on school or education issues
  • Assist with financial concerns
  • Acquire referrals to community programs
First Steps Pediatric Therapy Specialist - Occupational Therapy